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The name comes from Andy Warhol's creative studio founded in New York City in 1962. The studio was a meeting place for famous artists and emerging faces. It was called "The Factory" because it was considered a magical place to develop projects and produce new ideas.

Sixty years later, we are here to offer you that atmosphere, where the union brings benefits to the whole community.

An exclusive market

The Factory is MoreNFT's primary exclusive market where projects and collections produced by Artists, Brands and Icons will be launched, once validated by our Project Recruiting team.

MoreNFT creators can be selected by our team to be involved in initiatives and projects under the name "MoreNFT Original" in partnership with brands or stars that will join our community. In this case, the MoreNFT team takes an active role in the activities required to make the project successful.

Factory – Use case

The Factory is initially divided into the following four categories:

⭐ Hall of fame: You will find works by Content Creators in collaboration with Star and/or Brand;

🎨 Art: You will be able to find unique pieces of art certified thanks to the Blockchain;

📸 News & Moments: Protects authenticity and authorship and certifies the creation date of news or any information content of potential importance and/or viral spread;

🎟️ Ticketing: Certificate or right to participate in online and/or offline initiatives and events without any kind of intermediary.

WMW3 program

#WMW3 is a program designed by MoreNFT that targets artists who want to start operating in the Web3 market the best way!