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What are the fees on MoreNFT?

The transaction Fee applied when the User purchase the NFT on the Platform is 1% of the value of the NFT purchased.

What are the costs of creating an NFT on the Factory?

In case of services offered to Creators, MoreNFT will apply no fee for the following services: Smart contract creation and minting, NFT positioning in the platform, Newsletter, Discord and Announcement on MoreNFT’s official channels.

Royalty (creator fees)

Royalty amounts are set by the creator and paid immediately after a happens. You can check the royalty % set by each creator on the item detail page.

Splitting Royalty (creator fees)

If you're creating a collection on behalf of someone or as part of a group, you can set up multiple payout addresses and specify the creator fees per wallet in order to automatically split creator fees.