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Join the WMW3 project

What is WMW3?

WMW3 is a program designed by MoreNFT that targets creators who want to start operating in the Web3 market the best way! Each creator will be able to create their own collection that will allow the holders to interact with him/her and obtain exclusive benefits.

How many NFTs does a WMW3 collection consist of?

Each creator participating in the WMW3 program will put his or her 10 most valuable works (so-called Masterpieces) on auction.

What are the benefits available to WMW3 NFT holders?

WMW3 NFT holders will be entitled to exclusive benefits, including:

  • Joining a private Discord group with the creator;
  • Receive spoilers about upcoming initiatives;
  • Getting exclusive giveaways;
  • Getting a redistribution of royalties. For each NFT WMW3 owned, royalty percentages will be redistributed from future projects carried out by the creator on the MoreNFT Factory.

In detail:

- 1.00% for the first year;
- 0.50% for the second and third year;
- 0.10% from the fourth year onwards.

How can I join the WMW3 project?

Each creator can apply to join the WMW3 project by filling in the contact form at the following link. Each request will be evaluated by our team. If there is positive feedback, the artist will be notified and will begin the onboarding process.

Are there any fees for the creators? If yes, which ones?

MoreNFT will apply no fee for the sale of NFT on the Factory. The revenue from the sale is attributed to the Creator in the same way in which the purchase is made by the user on the Platform therefore in the same cryptocurrency used. The described percentages referred to the revenues from the sale of both the primary and secondary market will also be identified in the specific Smart Contract that will allow a simultaneous and automatic distribution of the amounts earned to the respective beneficiaries.

Will royalties be paid to the creator?

Limited to sales in the Secondary Market, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each NFTs, determined at a fixed rate of 6 percent, will be allocated to the Creator. In turn, the Creator acknowledges that 10 percent of this amount (i.e., 0.6 percent of the proceeds from the sale in the Secondary Market) will be transferred to MoreNFT.