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Wallet and Payment

Can I use a credit card to buy NFTs?

Currently, you can only purchase with your MetaMask eth, but we plan on providing other options, including credit card, in the near future.

How can I view my created NFTs and my owned NFTs?

You can view the list of NFTs you have created and NFTs you own by following the steps below:

Connect your metmask wallet. If you do not have a wallet yet, click here Installing a wallet to use with MoreNFT. Once you have connected your wallet click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. Click on "Owned" to view the NFTs you currently own in your wallet Click on "Created" to view the NFTs you have created.

Who owns my creations?

MoreNFT is a platform for creators and has no rights over your creations. We are committed to ensuring that any digital creation published through MoreNFT is owned by you (the creator). You can find more details in our terms of service.

Where do my purchased creations live?

Your digital creation resides in your digital wallet. If you register with MoreNFT, you can view, showcase and share your creations with the world by connecting your Metamask wallet.

Is fiat accepted?

At this time only ETH payments will be accepted for artworks minted on MoreNFT.

Which blockchains does MoreNFT support?

MoreNFT is a multichain marketplace, so our goal is to support multiple chains to facilitate NFTs exchanges. Today, MoreNFT uses the Ethereum and Polygon networks.