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Brand manual

The advantage to using brand guidelines is to have all the significant information about your brand identity in one document. This is a document that partners and collaborators should refer to when using the MoreNFT logo. Basically it is an authoritative and professional guide that encapsulates all the main uses of a brand, starting from declinations to spacing rules and much much more.

Please read the usage guidelines fully before you use our logo and brand assets.


All of their associates and consultants are experienced leaders competing at the highest level in the area of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. As a rapidly growing company, MoreNFT leverages its experience and creativity to strategically adapt and innovate new trends for the web3 universe.

MoreNFT will continue to update its knowledge base and provide innovative and quality services and experiences that meet users' expectations.

The following guideline was created on the basis of a logo created by third-party contributors. This guide is intended to help designers and suppliers, partners, and members with brand usage and adoption.


βœ…πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‚ You may:​​

βœ… Recreate, remix, create derivative artworks featuring the MoreNFT icon, with attribution. βœ… Buy and sell said derivatives, if you give attribution.

πŸš«πŸ˜°πŸ‘Ž You may not:​​

🚫 Use our Brand Assets (logo, icon, name,) or any derivative works in any product/brand name, brand logo, etc. that can conflict or compete with MoreNFT. For example: Don’t make a digital art brand or product with a similarly Mark. Don’t make a product called β€œMoreNFT Tools” or similar that may be misinterpreted as having an official relationship to MoreNFT.

🚫 Use or remix any of our Brand Assets to imply an official relationship, partnership, or other endorsement where there is none.

🚫 Use the name β€œMoreNFT” in full in social media channels in a way that implies any official relationship to us. If you make a fan group, Twitter account etc., make it clear that it’s not official.

🚫 Falsely claim or suggest any sort of official relationship, partnership, or other endorsement in any way.


MoreNFT's logo encapsulates all that is our brand positioning, a platform for Creators, Brands and Icons to make the most of NFTs to step into the new internet era, accompanying them and building together the road to mass adoption, More NFTs for everyone!



Icon Can be used on its own to represent MorenNFT. Mark This is the primary logo. Logotype Only use this one when you have to display our logo with other similar logos.



Give the logo breathing room. Keep the following spaces around the logos




When designing materials to feature MoreNFT use our color palette to align with our brand.



MoreNFT has elected Open Sans as its personal font.

Below is a guide to font styles and weights:



You can't twist MoreNFT's trademark application, here are examples of wrong applications: