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Can I create an NFT jointly with another user and share the benefits?​

In the Factory, a single NFT or an entire collection can be created by multiple users. The purpose of our primary market is to connect several artists and brands, with the aim of sharing earnings.

How do I add a collaborator on my creation?​

Once you have filled in the form to become a creator, you will inform our team about the other creators involved in the project.

How can I create a NFT in partnership with Icons and Brands?​

Becoming a MoreNFT creator, in addition to enabling you to create and sell NFTs in the factory, it also gives you the opportunity to be chosen as a creator in the development of projects featuring Icon and Brand. According to the project, our team will contact the selected artist directly.

How do I resell the artworks that I purchase on MoreNFT?​

All NFTs purchased on MoreNFT can be sold on our secondary market once it is released but remember that you own the rights to your work, so you can also simultaneously sell your NFTs on other marketplaces such as Opensea or LooksRare.

##Β Can I create a collection to mint my 1/1 NFTs? Yes. You can create as many collections as you’d like to based on how you want to group your works together β€” 1 NFT per collection is fine!

Where will the NFTs I minted to the Factory appear on my profile?​

Your NFTs will continue to appear in your profile under the 'Creation' tab. Even after the NFT has been sold, it will still show the creator of the collection, you will only change the ownership tab.

What is More Original?​

More Original is the brand of all the official collections created by MoreNFT. All More Original projects entail collaborations with Artist, Icons and Brands. The holders of More Original NFTs have access to benefits on the platform. With More Original projects, MoreNFT will guarantee the integrity and development of the projects, as announced in the roadmaps.

Can I participate in a More Original project?​

A More Original project takes Brands and Icons on board. The MoreNFT team scouts the most suitable creators for the realization of the project. To be selected, you must be one of our creators. To become a MoreNFT creator