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Join the factory

I'm not a creator, can I sell directly on the Factory?

To become a MoreNFT factory creator fill out the form on the site: "insert final link".

the form consists of these questions, make sure you have all the answers!

  • Nickname*
  • Describe yourself*
  • Full name*
  • E-mail address for main contact*
  • What kind of content do you create?*
  • Provide a link to your portfolio
  • Main social network (Provide a link)*
  • Other social network (Provide a link)
  • Have you ever had any experience with NFT projects? If yes, which ones?*
  • Do you have a specific NFT project ready to be launched with MoreNFT?*

In case you already have a project we also ask you to expose your project to us. Our team will evaluate your application and get back to you within 1 month. Submitting the form is only an application, MoreNFT reserves the right to accept or not accept its creators.

How do I create my NFTs?

Our team will take care of listing your collection. Once you become a MoreNFT creator you will receive directions on how to proceed with uploading your artwork. We'll take care of the rest!

What are the costs of creating an NFT on the Factory?

MoreNFT takes 1% of the sales volume of NFTs sold in the primary exclusive market.

I would like to start creating NFTs but I don't have a plan

Don't worry, that's what we are here for! MoreNFT has created a program for all our creators who don't know how to approach web3.

#WM3 (with me in web3) is a program designed by MoreNFT aimed at the exclusive use of all our creators.