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Installing a wallet to use with MoreNFT

To transact NFTs on MoreNFT or anywhere else, you need to connect your wallet to log in. If your cryptocurrency is stored on an exchange (such as Binance), it does not count as a cryptocurrency wallet, and will not work.

Your crypto wallet has an “ID” (a long string of numbers and letters), your cryptocurrencies and any NFTs you bought with those cryptocurrencies.

MetaMask is one of the most popular options for the Ethereum blockchain, existing as both a mobile app and a browser extension.

When you create a crypto wallet, you get a “seed phrase” — a series of words which let you recover your currencies or NFTs if you lose access.

NEVER GIVE THIS PHRASE TO ANYONE. Anyone who knows your seed phrase has full access to your wallet and can buy, sell or transfer any funds or assets. Neither MoreNFT support nor any trustworthy individual or organization will ever ask for your seed phrase.

Install Metamask on your device Choose your device below to find the link suitable for you

Once the application/extension has been installed, follow the instructions within the wallet to create a new cryptocurrency wallet.